Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Ever since their album “Land Of The Ending Time”, Finnish Suotana have been an absolute insider tip in the metal scene. The follow-up album “Ounas I”, which was released in March 2023, exceeded expectations and received a lot of praise from fans and critics alike.

The band is therefore delighted to finally be embarking on an extensive European tour. Supporting Finntroll, Suotana will finally be able to present their new and old material outside of Finland in April 2024.

To celebrate, the band now presents a new music video for the song “The Ancient”, which was recorded at the John Smith Festival in summer 2023. The video was edited by Tuomas Saukkonen of Wolfheart/Before The Dawn.

The band states:

“We are embarking on our very first European tour with Finntroll and Metsatöll at the beginning of April. In honor of the tour we decided to release a music video for ‘The Ancient’ consisting of live material so you know what you will get at a Suotana show! The footage for the music video was filmed last summer in the John Smith Rock Festival where we had the privilege of opening the mainstage on the second festival day. A big thank you to Kuja Media and ThroughWarriorEyes and others who distributed the footage for the video. An extra special thank you for the edit to Tuomas Saukkonen, our brother in arms! Come and join us on Ounas I over Europe in the following days!”

02.04.24 Aarhus, Voxhall 🇩🇰
03.04.24 Magdeburg, Factory 🇩🇪
04.04.24 Dresden, Tanteju 🇩🇪
06.04.24 Plzen, Pod Lampou 🇨🇿
07.04.24 Kosice, Collosseum 🇸🇰
08.04.24 Wien, Szene 🇦🇹
10.04.24 Cluj-Napoca, Form Space 🇷🇴
11.04.24 Bucharest, Quantic Club 🇷🇴
12.04.24 Sofia, Mixtape 5 🇧🇬
13.04.24 Belgrade, Dorcol Platz 🇷🇸
14.04.24 Zagreb, Vintage Industrial Bar 🇭🇷
16.04.24 Graz, Explosiv 🇦🇹
17.04.24 Salzburg, Rockhouse 🇦🇹
18.04.24 Trier, Mergener Hof 🇩🇪
19.04.24 Milano, Legend Club 🇮🇹
20.04.24 Luzern, Metal Storm 🇨🇭
21.04.24 Karlsruhe, Substage 🇩🇪
22.04.24 Aschaffenburg, Color-aal 🇩🇪
23.04.24 Siegburg, Kubana 🇩🇪
24.04.24 Eindhoven, Effenaar 🇳🇱
25.04.24 Nijmegen, Doornroosje 🇳🇱
26.04.24 Bremen, Tower 🇩🇪
27.04.24 Essen, Turock 🇩🇪

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