Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Deicide announce the launch of their intense new single, “From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall”, which is released alongside a emotionally disturbing and deeply graphic music video. This debut aligns with the release of their powerful new album, “Banished By Sin” (RPM), now accessible on all major platforms and in stores.

“From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall” showcases Deicide’s masterful blend of thunderous riffs and explosive drum work, complemented by Glen Benton’s powerful vocals. The song explores themes of religious corruption leading to ultimate downfall, echoing the relentless intensity Deicide are celebrated for.

The music video is both dark and compelling, featuring symbolic representations of suicide and fall from grace. Due to its graphic content and intense themes, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

“Banished By Sin” represents Deicide ascending to new heights, with 12 tracks that delve into themes of darkness, sin, and corruption. The album promises to be a significant addition to the band’s storied discography, offering both new and long-time fans a profound listening experience.

“Banished By Sin” is finally here, ready to cement Deicide’s legacy and influence in the death metal scene. The album is a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to their craft, promising a collection of tracks that are both ferocious and unapologetically blasphemous.

“I’ve been sitting in a dark corner for several years now,” states Benton. “A few things have come into my life that have shaken and changed me. I got inspired writing this new record – it was like flipping a switch. I no longer have the aggravation of other peoples’ hangups interfering with what I have and want to do. I stopped chasing everybody else’s happiness a long time ago. The guy who started this shit is back! And it’s good to be back!”

“Musically, we’re back to the 1990s style,” Benton says. “There’s modern stuff in there, too. It’s Deicide the way it was meant to be. My hooky songs are there, Steve’s prog-styled songs are there, and we got Kevin’s theme-styled songs. Having Taylor in the band has impacted Deicide greatly. He’s a fantastic songwriter and player. He can do anything. The four of us contributed three songs each. I’m back with the high screaming and layering. I’m just absolutely going off on this one. I’ve been told it’s one of my best vocal performances. I’m like Rumpelstiltskin – here to spin your hay into gold. Everybody’s going to be pleasantly surprised.”

Deicide stand ready to challenge the faithful and reward the wicked. Join them in their blasphemous crusade and prepare to be “Banished By Sin”.

Trigger Warning:Please be advised that the video includes depictions of suicide that may be disturbing for some audiences.

Photo credit: Gene Smirnov

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