Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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After their performance at this year’s Armstrong Metal Fest (July 12/13), Vancouver’s Thirteen Goats announce they will be hitting the road this July and August for their first Western Canadian tour entitled “Planet of the Goats Tour” that they will be co-headlining with Edmonton’s Fall of Earth. The tour is in promotion of Thirteen Goats’ sophomore album “Capricorn Rising” due out on July 12th on Exitus Stratagem Records.

Thirteen Goats’ upcoming album “Capricorn Rising” is a crafted extreme metal rock opera that follows the journey of their mascot, Shepherd: a goat-skull wearing Antichrist leading an army of 12 demon goats to liberate the earth from humanity’s wars and greed. They introduce this album to the world with the first single, “A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing”, out now in music video format. The band comments:

“A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing wasn’t originally going to be a single, but as we were finishing it in the studio, we changed our minds. It felt like we were able to take a lot of the more aggressive elements of our sound and put them together in a surprisingly accessible way—it has these angry riffs and big, heavy grooves, but they’re anchored by a catchy chorus with a dynamic vocal hook.”

In the story that is being told on the record, this song is Shepherd’s recruitment anthem – he’s trying to convince the animals of Earth to join his army and finally stand up to humanity so he can get his revenge. But taken in a broader context, it’s also a song about how making someone feel like an outcast is the easiest way to strip away their humanity and radicalize them.

Photo Credit: Kevyn Lilith Hoskin

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