Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Prepare to be blown away! Japan’s groundbreaking alternative rock titans, The Undertaker, have unleashed an explosive live footage medley from their recent concert at Shinjuku Heist, Tokyo. Captured on March 19th, this medley showcases the band’s dynamic energy and innovative sound that have captivated fans worldwide.

As previously announced, The Undertaker, is currently ensconced in the studio, meticulously sculpting their much-anticipated debut album slated for release in 2024. This project promises a riveting fusion of sounds, from the gritty edge of hard rock to the relentless energy of hardcore and punk, all while embracing the essence of rock’s rich tapestry.

Nemo, the band’s visionary, shares a glimpse into their artistic journey:

“We’re on the brink of finalizing the album’s content, and I’m thrilled by the distinctive blend of sounds we’re conjuring. It’s a sonic adventure that merges hard rock’s intensity, hardcore’s fervor, punk’s rebellion, and rock’s timeless vibe. The lyrics are a profound reflection of my inner world, offering a stark contrast to anything I’ve expressed in past projects. This is a voyage of discovery, and I’m savoring every moment. Our live performances across Japan have been a whirlwind, and we’re eagerly looking forward to bringing our unique sound to European stages again soon. Stay tuned for more updates!”

Amidst this flurry of studio activity, The Undertaker is also gearing up to hit the stage once more, announcing a series of live shows that promise to be nothing short of spectacular. Keep your eyes peeled for dates and venues, as these performances are guaranteed to be a showcase of the band’s new, groundbreaking material and electrifying stage presence. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the next chapter in Japan’s alt rock revolution!

Next confirmed shows:
May 21, 2024 (Tuesday) Shinjuku Anti-knock Tokyo
June 9, 2024 (Sunday/Holiday) Koenji HIGH Tokyo
June 10, 2024 (Monday) Shinjuku Antiknock
June 25, 2024 (Tuesday) Shinjuku HEIST
July 8, 2024 (Monday) Shinjuku Antiknock
July 24, 2024 (Wednesday) Shibuya CYCLONE
July 25, 2024 (Thursday) Shinjuku HEIST

More shows TBA.

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