Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Ancient Settlers presents their new EP “Tales From The Earth” and the eponymous single, accompanied by Lur Burns Red (A Dark Reborn). It is available on digital platforms and through the Through Your Neck Records label.

In this new chapter, the band returns with an acoustic EP inspired by nature and the cultural heritage of the diverse societies inhabiting our planet. Meanwhile, the lyrics take listeners on a philosophical journey about the destiny of our civilization.

This acoustic collection serves as a testament to the band’s creative evolution, aiming to captivate listeners seeking a unique and enchanting acoustic experience. Using sounds directly sourced from nature, along with a variety of narratives in languages such as English, basque and Quechua.

1. The Pilgrims Memories
2. Lehorrekoa eta Itsasokoa (feat. Inaxio Esnaola)
3. Mother Earth (feat. Ivan Sensión)
4. Urqukunapa Herencian (feat. Hell Hammer)
5. Tales From The Earth (feat. Lur Burn Red)
6. The Pilgrims Memories (Instrumental)
7. Mother Earth (Instrumental)
8. Tales From The Earth (Instrumental)

It has been mixed and mastered by Agustín Martinez at Rockline Studios. However, the spectacular cover was made by The Kraken Artworks.

Additionally, the band is finishing the recording of their second LP, once again produced by the two-times Grammy awarded Fredrick Nordstrom (Opeth, Architects, At The Gates, In Flames, etc.), conducted at the Fredman Studios in Gothenburg (Sweden).

And they have also collaborated with Jon Toussas (Suicidal Angels, Nightrage, Mors Principium Est.) for the art-cover illustration.

The new album is expected to be available in the summer of 2024.

Ancient Settlers are:
Argen Death (voice)
Carlos Chiesa-Estomba (guitars and voices)
Agustín Martinez (guitars)
Miguel Herrera (bass)
Hermán Riera (drums)

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