Monday, June 24, 2024
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Vonavibe exploit the raw dynamics of black and white aesthetics in the “Run n’ Hide” video directed by Yiannis Margetousakis.

“”Run n’ Hide” tells the story of being in the throes of addiction, of any form.

After “Come Undone”, which was quite a comparison, we wanted to do something simple, bold, in which the music and the band will be the protagonists.

In collaboration with Yiannis Margetousakis we succeeded and created a video, eliminating everything unnecessary, taking advantage of the raw but smooth dynamics of black and white.”

“Run n’ Hide” comes from the album, “Bleed To Life”, which was released in May 2023 by Eclipse Records. “Bleed To Life” is an album that redefines the concept of the sound barrier, at least on a brute force level. We often refer with the term “Wall of Sound” to the majestic ensemble of rhythmic guitars, bass and percussion, a term first introduced by producer Phil Sector in the 60s and it is a massive orchestral aesthetic consisting of echo, spill and mono layers.

Vonavibe took this aesthetic and redefined it with addictive melodies, complex dynamics, especially drums and raw vocals which in combination with the guitars offer an excellent result.

“Bleed To Life” is a composite of strengths such as the production, composition and performances of the tracks, which places the listener as the recipient of a wave of sound in which the rhythm guitars are marginally an autonomous voice while the lead is a superhero.

The production and mixing was done by Dyon at Red Toy Studio while the mastering was handled by Yannis Christodoulatos at SweetSpot Mastering Studios.

Below you can watch Vonavibe’s new single and video titled “Run n’ Hide”!

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