Sunday, February 25, 2024
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French black-doom metal torchbearers Mourning Dawn have announced the upcoming release of their sixth studio album, “The Foam of Despair”, on January 12th 2024.

The band unveil a new track from the album.

1. Tomber du temps
2. Blue Pain
3. Borrowed Skin
4. Apex
5. Suzerain
6. The Color of Waves
7. Midnight Sun (CD edition bonus track)

The journey of our personal evolutions should be intrinsically integrated within, and carve out, our creativity.

Mourning Dawn have always reflected the rich cycles of their lives within their albums – both the bad times and the very bad times. With “The Foam Of Despair” Mourning Dawn undergo their own metamorphosis, emerging to reach a heightened level of perception, doomed spirituality and self-reflection.

This new album has all the benchmark qualities of Mourning Dawn – the blackened doom pacing, the anguished vocals and the captivating songwriting – but with any great album there needs to be a creative alchemy, the Je ne sais quoi that brings everything together. “The Foam Of Despair” certainly has that, with this new material elevated beyond that heard before from this now established line-up.

Strong words considering the quality of albums created in the past two decades – just listening to “For The Fallen”, “Les Sacrifies”, “Dead End Euphoria” it’s clear to see the impact Mourning DawnMourning Dawn have had upon this scene.

This album takes their blackened depressive doomed music to new levels – with the freedom to explore new territories and industrial overtones – and solidifies their position as one of the most important bands of the genre.

Most of all, “The Foam Of Despair” feels like a whole – there’s a new confidence and comfort in their own creativity – reflecting on their journey, really being at one with both their despair and their evolution.

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