Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Poland’s extreme music label Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the signing of Hatchend.

Containing members of well-known extreme underground death metal and grindcore acts such as Deranged, Razorrape, Birdflesh and Deathening, Hatchend is a Swedish unrelenting thrash metal/ferocious hardcore act. With no gimmicks, no makeup, no bullshit, and no magical wannabe stage show act, Hatchend’s output is custom made for the shackled masses, straightforward and in-your-face musical thrash metal mayhem.

Watch for details on Hatchend’s debut album “Summer Of ’69” to be issued shortly ahead of the album’s release in August 2024 through Selfmadegod Records as the band will make their live debut at Malmö Massacre August 23rd-25th.


Rikard Wermén – drums
Elis Edin Markskog – guitar
Kalle Nimhagen – vocals
Dan Bengtsson – bass

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