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Two of the hottest Italian bands, Stain The Canvas and Dead Like Juliet, are coming to Rock la Mureș festival this year. The festival promises to be a musical marathon, catering not only to punk-rock fans but also to those eager to discover modern sounds and the best bands in Europe.

Following the punk legends The Casualties and the nu-metal phenomenon Dropout Kings, the first Romanian open-air festival will feature two other new names in its line-up, two bands that practically dictate fashion in Europe when it comes to their genre.

In this regard, the Italians from Stain The Canvas, one of the coolest metal bands, and Dead Like Juliet, a metalcore superpower, will be taking the stage of Rock la Mureș to be held in Periam Port from July 12-13.

The tickets have already gone on sale and are available on at this link:

In addition to offering fans the lowest ticket prices to a Romanian open-air festival, the organizers also provide a special group promotion for those who wish to attend with friends or family from a remote distance. With group tickets, you can greatly reduce the cost of travel to the festival at a time when the country’s economy is in very poor shape.

The ticket’s price includes free camping, which is a delightful place to stay in nature, as well as a location with all the amenities that you may need for a pleasant stay at Periam Port. From modern ecological showers and toilets to socket gadgets and even the possibility of parking your car right next to your tent, the camping area provides everything you need and want.

As for those who collect t-shirts, now you can get the deluxe edition of Rock la Mureş right on the festival’s website, designed especially for those who are most passionate about such bargains. The unique design, created by the artist Alexandru Daș, who was responsible for creating the graphics for this year’s festival edition, has been screen-printed to the highest standards by the people from Kraken, Romania’s coolest boutique workshop dedicated to the rock and metal scene.

As for the sound spectrum, the festival organizers intend to make this edition one of the most explosive so far with a series of artists who are already making waves in the European music scene. Newly announced bands include the Italians from Stain The Canvas and Dead Like Juliet, two bands not to be missed.

So, one of the trendiest metal bands from Europe, from all points of view, will be performing at Periam Port. After forming in 2019, in Milan, the band Stain The Canvas made a swift rise into Europe’s metal scene with its debut album, “God Made Hell”, which was acclaimed by fans of the genre as well as specialized press alike for its innovative sound.

Though considered a metalcore band, Stain The Canvas clearly transcends its genre boundaries, exploring a distinct style that orbits around musical universes that are far removed from metal, such as electronica, emo-pop, or industrial.

Stain The Canvas effectively stormed the genre charts with their compositional baggage as well as with hit singles like “In Reverse”, “Puppet” or “Dead Circus”, which led them to the stage of major festivals such as MadRook Festival and Sziget.

Their live performances are true doses of energy and emotion, a mesmerizing mix of explosive riffs, horror theater, electrifying choruses with clean vocals, and fragments of almost hysterical growls. It is a real show from a real phenomenon that is rarer than total eclipses of the Sun to be seen on the firmament of rock and metal festivals in Romania.

With an activity of almost 15 years, one of the most active metalcore bands in Europe, Dead Like Juliet, joins their compatriots from above and completes an absolutely electrifying line-up.

This six-piece band hails from the northernmost region of Italy, South Tyrol, where the mountains bind friendships between our Latin brothers and Austrians. Dead Like Juliet is a hardcore/punk band that has defined its style around melodic hardcore/punk and metalcore.

So, in addition to the raw sound characteristic of hardcore bands, Dead Like Juliet also succeeded in introducing, in a manner that does not dilute their message and energy, most of the time very directly, atmospheric keyboard and synth passages that practically brought them worldwide recognition.

As they address a wide range of issues, from the personal to the social and political, their tracks are frontal and cleverly constructed behind rational arguments. All of this is wrapped in melodic metalcore, with energetic and catchy choruses reminiscent of bands such as Parkway Drive and Emmure.

As a result, their very consistent live performances bring them close to the bands previously mentioned, which is one of the reasons why Dead Like Juliet has become one of the biggest names in the European metalcore scene.

And of course, one more reason not to miss this year’s edition of the Rock festival in Mureș.

Current line-up:

The Casualties (USA)
Dropout Kings (USA)
Stain The Canvas (Italy)
Dead Like Juliet (Italy)
Doctor Krápula (Colombia)
Suasion (Belgium)
Leons Massacre (Austria)
The Desperate Mind (Czech Rep.)
Glazed Curtains (Austria)
The Cake Is A Lie (Germany)
Artifer (Estonia)
Tourist (Romania)
Avoid Humanity (Romania)
June Turns Black (Romania)

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