Monday, July 22, 2024
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Leading the way to their highly anticipated new offering “Clear Cold Beyond” (to be released on March 8th, 2024 through Atomic Fire), Finnish melodic metallers Sonata Arctica surprise fans with a brand new music video today. Their latest track, “Dark Empath”, can now also be enjoyed in all its visual glory over on YouTube. Telling the story of a character being chased, both mentally and physically, the haunting result, which was created by a team led by director/script writer Miikka Lommi and producer Katja Jokinen, can be viewed below.

Singer Tony Kakko commented on “Dark Empath”:

“This track is part of a saga that started with the song ‘The End Of This Chapter’ on our second album »Silence« in 2001 — some even think it started on our debut album — and has many sequels and prequels already. Its stalker theme offers a frame to write songs in a certain style I like very much. People do not seem to mind this, fortunately, haha! It’s not a chronological story, but rather a theme with reoccurring, familiar characters that end up living through variations of the theme over and over again.”

Photo Credit: Jaakko Manninen

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