Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Ozora, one of the most innovative and acclaimed bands in the Italian music scene, is thrilled to announce the release of their third single “Inedia” from their highly anticipated new album, set to drop this coming autumn.

The band comments on the new single:

“Inedia” is a 6-minute suite that expands the classic sound of the band towards new sonorities with progressive nuances, featuring energetic verses and a powerful melodic chorus. The track reflects on the perceptual alternation of certain life moments; the highs and lows we face. At times, it feels like “we can no longer read anything in the eyes of others…,” and this sense of endless tedium can either engulf us or awaken us.”

Following in the footsteps of their previous works, “Perpendicolari” (2017) and “Angelica” (2021), the eight tracks of the new album were recorded at the prestigious Fusix Studio under the expert guidance of Andrea Fusini, known for his collaborations with notable artists like Ready, Set, Fall!, Delain, and La Sad.

Ozora continues to amaze with a unique sound that skillfully traverses various genres including metal, progressive rock, and alternative rock, enriching them with new sounds and original arrangements. Their Italian lyrics, the instrumental complexities typical of the best progressive music, and the overwhelming energy of rock harmoniously blend to create an unprecedented musical experience.

This new work not only consolidates Ozora’s reputation as one of the most interesting bands in the Italian music landscape but also marks another step forward in their artistic evolution. Ozora promises to take their fans on a fascinating and engaging sonic journey, confirming their ability to innovate and surprise.

Stay tuned for further updates and get ready to immerse yourself in the sound world of Ozora with the release of “Inedia” and their new album.

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