Monday, July 22, 2024
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Today sees the release of “La Facciata”, the new single by Mon Ame, available on all streaming platforms through the record label Volcano Records. This song addresses the theme of the masks we all wear to show a side of ourselves, posing the question of what happens when these masks fall off.

Mon Ame, whose name means “my soul” in French, bring intimate emotions, feelings, and experiences into their songs. Their music, which they like to call “Rock Literature”, is characterized by dark British sounds, where noise and melody intertwine, supported by the powerful rhythm of the drums.

The duo, consisting of Fabio D’Elia (guitar and vocals) and Francesco Albanese (drums), consider themselves Rock Poets, eager to share their emotional abyss with the audience.

“La Facciata” is available today on all online streaming platforms. The single cover was created by Fabio D’Elia, and the track is accompanied by a visual video.

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