Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Wisoncon metal and punk hybrid, Deathwish, have released their new single “Rain Fire” on all streaming platforms.

Bassist Bitty commented:

“Way back in the day I smoked some pot and it was laced with angel dust. One of the things I saw while on the drug was the sky raining fire. I never smoked pot again but I thought it made for a good song.”

“The Fourth Horseman” represents a significant evolution in Deathwish’s sound, incorporating ten tracks that merge metal, hardcore, and rock n’ roll punk into a compelling narrative of resilience, rebirth, and defiance. Recorded and mixed by Marc Birr at Carp Town Studios and mastered by Joel Grind, the album showcases the band’s technical skill while exploring deeply personal themes. The title track, inspired by real-life events of survival against all odds, reflects the band’s gritty determination and spirit.

The release of “In Cold Blood” is complemented by a series of limited edition vinyl in exclusive colors: yellow splatter, blood splatter, and black splatter. These collectible editions, alongside the CD and digital formats, provide fans with a variety of ways to experience the raw power of Deathwish’s music.

With the release of “The Fourth Horseman”, Deathwish reaffirms their position at the forefront of the hardcore punk scene. “In Cold Blood” is just the beginning of what promises to be an unforgettable chapter in the band’s history.

About Deathwish:

Emerging from the unforgiving winters of northern Wisconsin, Deathwish has established themselves as a formidable force within the rock n’ roll and punk scenes. Known for their aggressive sound and energetic performances, the band has drawn comparisons to a more ferocious Motorhead. Since their inception in 2014, Deathwish has released two 7”s and two full-length albums, with “The Fourth Horseman” poised to be their latest groundbreaking project.

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