Thursday, May 30, 2024
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The Dezperadoz release the cover and tracklist of their upcoming album “Moonshiner”, which will be released on June 21st, 2024. The sixth album takes the listener back to the rough times of Prohibition in the USA around 100 years ago. As you would expect from the band, the stories on this album revolve around the legends and myths of the time, with the Dezperadoz once again succeeding not only in capturing the spirit of the era, but also in perfectly capturing it musically. Incidentally, Tom “Sodom” Angelripper is also back in a guest role.

For over 20 years, Dezperadoz have been thrilling audiences with their distinctive sound and stories about the heroes of the Wild West like Wyatt Earp or Biilly The Kid. This led them to various European and world tours (among others with Krokus, Thin Lizzy, Doro, U.D.O. and Volbeat) as well as to Wacken, the With Full Force and the Summer Breeze. The new album “Moonshiner” is the 6th in the band’s history.

1. Evil Wayz
2. Runnin’ shine
3. Straight between the Eyes
4. Moonshine
5. Mexican Border
6. Man of constant Sorrow
7. River
8. Lawless
9. My lucky Graveyardboots
10. Angels’ Share
11. A Gunmans Trail
12. Never Stop to Start again

Alex Kraft – vocals, guitars
Andi Kiesel – guitars
Manuel Mandrysch – bass
Lars Nippa – drums

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