Friday, June 21, 2024
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German rising symphonic metal force Elvellon is back with an electrifying announcement as they unveil their captivating new single, “The Aftermath Of Life“, from their upcoming album “Ascending in Synergy”, set to be released this Friday, May 17th, 2024! “The Aftermath Of Life“ is accompanied by an official music video that promises to seduce the listener’s senses.

Dubbed as “heroes of tomorrow“ by Metal Hammer Germany, Elvellon is no stranger to praise. Following their critically acclaimed 2018 album, Until Dawn, which featured the track “Born From Hope“, which amassed over 1.3M views and 2.5M streams across platforms, the hype for “Ascending in Synergy” is palpable. Since their inception in 2010, Elvellon has already graced stages at prestigious festivals such as RockHarz Festival, M’era Luna, and Rock Fest Barcelona, both at home and abroad.

The countdown is on, so ensure you’ve secured your pre-order to experience the magic!

Elvellon state:

“´The Aftermath Of Life´ is a song that perfectly combines two different sides of Elvellon, which are heavy guitar riffs with dark keyboard sounds and big choruses with catchy melodies. Thematically, it’s about the process that all of us who have made it to this day can accept decay and aging as part of life and make peace with it.”

“Ascending in Synergy” proves that this promising German unit is on top of their game and skillfully manages to balance the tightrope act between diving into the early beginnings of symphonic metal, yet splicing all songs with a contemporary vibe. Opening track “Unbound” impresses with skillful orchestral arrangements and vocalist Nele Messerschmidt’s extraordinary voice. Dramatic, dark soundscapes and heavy riffs on songs like “Ocean Of Treason” and “The Aftermath Of Life” keep the listener in a tight grip. Elvellon’s dreamlike, cinematic side shines especially bright on tracks like “Last Of Our Kind” and “The Aeon Tree”. Massive album finale “Epiphany Of Mine” closes Ascending in Synergy impactfully, leaving the listener wanting for more.

“Magical Ascending” in Synergy proves that Elvellon is one of the most promising current bands in the German symphonic metal scene. Join Elvellon on an exciting journey between childlike wonders and hard-hearted bitterness!

Elvellon about “Ascending in Synergy”:

“We are incredibly excited to see how our fans will receive Ascending In Synergy. A lot has happened since our debut album and the songwriting process has changed a lot. It still feels like 100% Elvellon to us, but the dynamics have expanded. It has become more orchestral and more metal at the same time. Also, lyrically we no longer stick to a single concept, but the songs are held together by a common thread.”

1. Unbound
2. A Vagabond’s Heart
3. My Forever Endeavour
4. Ocean of Treason
5. The Aftermath of Life
6. Last of our Kind
7. Into the Vortex
8. A Legacy Divine
9. The Aeon Tree
10. Epiphany of Mine

[Photo Credit: Paul Epp]

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