Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Defying was formed in 2008. Within 15 years of existing they released two records: “Nexus Artificial” (2014, LP) and “The Splinter of Light We Misread” (2016, EP) which include Joy Division “New Dawn Fades” cover. They combine a variety of genres in their music: post- and progressive metal with sludge, black metal and elements or ambient.

Right now Defying is preparing for releasing new studio album titled “Wadera”. Music was recorded & produced by Tomasz Semeniuk in 2022. All was mixed & mastered by Filip Hałucha at Heinrich House Studio (Azarath, Behemoth, Entropia, Obscure Sphinx). Cover artwork was done by Paweł Siemaszko. Two guests appeared on the album:

Tymon Urbańczyk – ambient music in “…miast cichać szemrają…”,
“The Acquaintance Shade” and “The Lurking Spectres”
Natalia Semeniuk – vocals in “Tempus Infaustum” and “Quietus”

“Wadera” is a concept album inspired by the Polish horror film “The Wolf” (1983) and the short story “Wadera” (1977) by Jerzy Gierałtowski. The album is a musical story about revenge from beyond the grave, told in the spirit of dark romanticism.

Band comments:

“The word wadera comes from hunting vocabulary and means a female wolf. In order to achieve a 19th century atmosphere, the album was captured with traditional equipment and microphones – without the use of any plugins or samples during recording. We also utilized more than a hundred-year-old instruments, such as zither or hunting horn. The goal was to make “Wadera” sound like an old film tape.”

1. Tempus Infaustum
2. …miast cichać szemrają…
3. The Fugue
4. Incomprehensibly Woken
5. The Acquaintance Shade
6. The Lurking Spectres
7. Cremaberis Igne AeternoI
8. Reluctant To The Grave
9. Misbegotten
10. Quietus


Piotr Stępiński – guitars, vocals
Szymon Stadniczenko – guitars, clean vocals
Paweł Siemaszko – bass guitar, vocals (backing)
Tomasz Semeniuk – drums, programming

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