Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Venezuela’s Lyonen is a full-throttle journey that blends the spirit of old-school anthems with a modern edge. With their latest single “Wild Nights” They reinvigorate the classic metal sound with a modern twist. The single delivers face-melting riffs, soaring vocals, and catchy choruses that will stick in your head long after the last note fades. With an album in the future planned, the band shares what listeners can expect:

“This album is a sonic middle finger to the mundane, an anthem for the misfits and the dreamers, a soundtrack to the unforgettable nights that become the stories we tell for years to come. This is more than just music – it’s a feeling. It’s the feeling of belonging, of letting loose, and of screaming your heart out with your closest companions under a sky full of stars. This is Wild Nights.”

Lyonen intends to ignite a fire in your soul with powerful, fast-paced music that gets your heart racing. We’re talking fist-pumping anthems, the kind you can sing along to at the top of your lungs – just like the good old days!

This single marks a significant evolution in Lyonen’s sound, with the band pushing the boundaries of traditional metal to create something fresh and exhilarating. Guitar tuning has been dropped to a low C for a heavier bottom end, while the drumming style has been completely revamped to lay a more aggressive foundation. Combined with a new edge to the vocals, the result is a sound that’s both familiar and thrilling, injecting the classic metal spirit with a modern dose of adrenaline.

“Wild Nights” is recommended for fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Helloween, and Primal Fear and can be heard at the following links:

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