Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Metal band Distorzija uma from Split, Croatia, released their new song “Nova snaga”. The song was released on the leap date 29.02.2024. The song was composed back in 2020, but due to a series of circumstances, it saw the light of day four years later. The music is written by Davor Delić and Nikola Aleksić, the band’s guitarists, and Duško Letilović Leta, a well-known musician from Split, wrote the lyrics. The song remained unfinished for a long time as the band searched for the most suitable vocal line and lyrics for the song. While Distorzija uma was working on the song in drummer’s Vjeran Birimiša rehearsal room, new bassist Toni Šimunža joined the band.

The lyrics are about fate and the inevitability of the passage of time of human life, which flows like a river, but despite everything, new strength is born in it. The video was shot at the mouth of the Jadro river and in the band’s own rehearsal room. Both the song and video were recorded in their own production, signed by the band’s guitarist Davor Delić. The first reactions of the listeners are excellent, both those who like this kind of music music and those who are not into the music genre Distorzija uma offers. 

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