Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Today marks the savage return of grindcore titans Slugcrust, as they unveil their latest single “Feral Natural” from the forthcoming EP, “Discharge(d)”. Accompanying the release is a visceral music video that captures the raw energy and unrelenting power of the track. Fans can also begin pre-ordering the highly anticipated EP, set for release on June 28th, 2024, under the flag of Terminus Hate City. 

“Feral Natural” delivers a ferocious blend of Slugcrust’s characteristic punishing riffs, thunderous drums, and visceral vocals. The accompanying music video showcases the band’s gritty aesthetic with its unpolished, underground visuals, emphasizing the raw and unrefined edge that fans have come to expect and relish from Slugcrust.

The launch of “Feral Natural” also marks the beginning of the pre-order phase for Discharge(d). Enthusiasts of the band can secure their copy of the EP via Slugcrust’s Bandcamp page, major digital music stores, and directly from the band’s website. Exclusive merchandise bundles, featuring unique items, are available for those looking for something extra with their pre-order.

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