Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Serbian heavy metal force Claymorean are ready to unleash their first recorded live video show in its entirety for free on the legendary NWOTHM Full Albums YouTube channel, premiere scheduled for February 10th:

The concert was held during the annual 4th Metaleros Festival on October 14th 2023 in Gleis1 venue (Unterschleißheim, Germany). The other notable acts who also performed at this sold-out festival were Sacred Steel, Roadwolf, Spitfire and Savage.

The entire concert was filmed with six HD cameras, provided by the IridumStream company, while the sound was recorded by GrumpyOwl Studios.

The show was later flawlessly edited and directed by Milan Dexter Savic at Studio C47, who previously produced Claymorean’s music video for the song “Spirit of Merciless Time”.

The sound mixing and mastering of this concert was brilliantly executed by the band’s longtime producer and sixth member Boris Shurlan at Midnight Studio ( ).

The founder of Claymorean and the band’s guitarist Vladimir Garcevic gave his two cents on this release:

“We decided to give away this professionally filmed and mixed concert to the crowds. Nowadays very few people care about DVDs or Blurays and the labels aren’t keen to release material like this, especially when it’s coming from an unknown band like we are.
In today’s world, dominated by artificial intelligence and co-dependent on digital technology, we try to stay true to the music we create and play. Therefore, we never use things like backing tracks, click tracks, samples, triggers or any kind of sonic augmentation during our shows. Every tone you hear in this concert video is performed live on stage. Not a single note was re-recorded. There are numerous mistakes in it, on every instrument, as well as on vocals. But that’s what being human means. And we really don’t mind all those bands that are using the perks of modern technology, that’s totally fine, but it’s just not our thing. We prefer it this way – raw and dirty – because that’s the sound of rock’n’roll.”

You can catch Claymorean live at this year’s Headbangers Open Air in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany (July 25th-27th), as well as on numerous shows across Europe.

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