Thursday, May 30, 2024
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The second video from the metal opera Captain Hawk “Ghosts of the Sea” has been released. Stratis Steele, Marios Karanastasis, Christos Kounelis sing with the participation of Giannis Papanikolaou.

Four years after the release of their joint collaboration “Goditha -The Rock Opera”, the duo from Athens returns with another cinematic yet full-on epic power metal experience.

“Captain Hawk-Ghosts of the Sea” is the new metal opera written by Elina Englezou and performed, arranged, mixed and produced by Bob Katsionis ( ex-Firewind, Warrior Path, Stray Gods, Serious Black etc).

Featured performers:

Yiannis Papanikolaou ( Captain Silas Hawk )
Stratis Steele ( Quartermaster Ian Smythe )
Marios Karanastasis ( First Mate Pete Glynn )
Christos Kounelis ( Navigator Mister Thomas Knox )
Mike Livas ( Demon Vythos )
Iliana Tsakiraki ( Siren Thelxie )
Fany Melfi ( Sea Witch Nerissa )
The Fantasy Choir ( Pirates & Sirens )
Bob Katsionis : acoustic & electric guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming
Elina Englezou : balalaika, ocarina
Aggelos Pavlos : violins
Vassilis Koilakos : ud
Charalambos Stergiopoulos: fantasy choir conducting
Thanassis Pelekanos : fantasy choir arrangement

Recorded and produced at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens.

Μastering at VU Productions Mastering Studio.

The Fantasy Choir was recorded at Technochoros Fabrica by Manos Koutsakis.

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