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Last summer, Night Shall Drape Us signed with Season of Mist to spread their melodically unyielding black metal over the world. Though they came together from far corners of the Nordic underground, these brothers are united by blood and a spirit for creating new music throughout their long careers.

Today, Night Shall Drape Us are announcing their debut album. “Lunatic Choir” features eight fast, melodic and uncompromising black metal hymns. While born from his mind and recorded solo, LRH gathered the unholy alliance to complete the songs with vocals, making this album a glorious manifestation of their collective talents.

Lunatic Choir comes out April 26th on Season of Mist.

Watch the profane video for lead single “Under the Dead Sky”: 

“Under the Dead Sky” is black metal perfectly executed and sung by a relentless choir of lunatics. The blast beats are raw; the riffs are harsh and the tremolo picking is forceful underneath the layered vocals, forming a hymn of profane melodic cacophony. The melodic interlude only comes with the peace of death’s embrace.

“One with the beasts of the black flame”, the band chant in dedication to to fast, melodic, uncompromising black metal.

Night Shall Drape Us describe the song as a fiery, blistering descent into the arms of Holy Death.

1. Hymn of Rebellion
2. Dead Eden
3. Ethereal Constrictor 
4. Ashes of Men
5. Unification
6. Lunacy and Horror 
7. Under the Dead Sky
8. The Queen of the Red Streams 

A blaze in the northern sky…

Night Shall Drape Us was born from the mind of LRH, who recorded all of the drums and guitars on their debut album. But it wasn’t fully consecrated until his blood brothers joined to sing these eight heretical hymns. Fast, melodic and uncompromisingly raw, “Lunatic Choir” is black metal executed to perfection.

LRH – all music and instruments, live drummer
Spellgoth – vocals, live bass
Infection – vocals, live guitar
Wraath – vocals
Vexd – live guitar

Photo by © Nikky Holmes & © Void Revelations

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