Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Poroniec was born in 2016, during a rehearsal of another band, from our shared need to free ourselves from the burden of society’s expectations. One night of drinking led to many nights of sending each other listening materials and later on, recording first versions of the songs in Ferment’s home studio.

Poroniec in Slavic Demonology is mighty Demon raised from the soul of child who died before birth by intentional procedures performed by women to miscarry. It was believed that unborn child is motivated by envy because it did not have time to enjoy life. This envy was compared to the one that was observed during casting bad spells.

Drums for the album were recorded by The Fall (Mgła, Owls Woods Graves) in No Solace studio (Deus Mortem, Graveland, Mgła) and the rest in TRIPlets Audio by Ferment, who was also responsible for the album’s production, mix and mastering. The cover art was made by Maciej Kamuda (Blut aus Nord, Kalt Vindur, Stillborn). Guest vocals were performed by Hekte Zaren (Adaestuo) and Harvest (Outre).

Wrzaskun & Ferment about this record:

“The album is a 52 minute long tale of humankind’s repugnant existence woven as a testament to our belief that albums should be listened to from their beginnings to their ends.”

Album “W Połogu” was released March 15th, 2024 digitally on all major platforms as well as Bandcamp and as jewelcase CD via Polish underground label Putrid Cult.

1. Intro
2. Nieprzystępni
3. Konieczności
4. Niedorzeczności
5. Moralności
6. Przypadłości
7. Mądrości
8. Wątpliwości


Wrzaskun – vocals, lyrics
Ferment – guitars, bass, backing vocals, music

The Fall – drums (session)


Hekte Zaren – vocal in songs: Intro, Niedorzeczności, Moralności, Szlachetności
Harvest – vocal in song Intro

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