Monday, July 22, 2024
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Kaaboos, a one-man Iranian black metal project, is facing deportation from Norway. Due to cultural differences and the genre’s association with anti-religious sentiment, Atash, the sole member of Kaaboos, fears for his life if he is forced to return to Iran.

Omid, known by his stage name “Atash”, fled Iran in 2019 seeking refuge in Norway, known for its deep black metal history. He envisioned Norway as a place where he could freely express himself musically and delve deeper into the genre’s spiritual and empowering aspects.

However, in response to his music and antitheocratic stance under the Kaaboos moniker, Atash faced threats from certain groups. Fearing for his safety, he sought asylum in Norway.

After four years of residing in Norway, the Norwegian Immigration offices (UDI & UNE) rejected Atash’s asylum claim and issued a deportation order. The decision disregards the potential dangers Atash faces upon returning to Iran.

Heavy metal, punk, and rock are deemed blasphemous and illegal in Iran. Participation in such music can lead to severe punishment, imprisonment, or even death.

Atash has a chance to appeal the decision, but legal representation comes at a steep cost. His lawyer requires a total of €17,000, of which Atash has already exhausted €6,000. Currently unemployed due to his asylum seeker status, Atash is struggling to cover basic necessities, let alone the remaining legal fees.

Atash has launched a fundraiser to raise the necessary funds for his legal battle. He pleads with the black metal community and anyone who values artistic freedom to donate and help him fight for his right to remain in Norway. Donate here:

Kaaboos previously released two videos from his performance in front of the Iranian Embassy in Oslo, Norway: Wrath of Gods & a Taake cover.

Most recently, “Wrath of Gods” was selected among Metal Hammer UK’s tracks of the week.

Kaaboos (کابوس) which stands for Nightmare in Farsi/Persian, hails from Iran, but currently residing in Norway. Main man “Atash”, whose name translates to ‘Fire’, left his home country of Iran and sought refuge in Norway, the true home of black metal, in order to freely express himself via this unique and versatile subculture, away from the religious and dictatorial oppression of the Middle Eastern country.

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