Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Peruvian metal band Chaska is set to release new 6-track EP “Rites of June” on May 5th 2024 via Finnish Inverse Records. The first official single taken from the EP “Nymph of the Lake” is released today and music video can be seen below.

Hueso Raffo comments:

“Nymph of the Lake is a song inspired, in some way, by Lake Titicaca; for something of its mystery and its beauty. With this song an attempt was made to portray or create a fable or legend scenario. This song creates a watery and nocturnal environment, which evokes a certain feeling of intimacy. Another of its main characteristics is fiction. Its atmosphere surrounds two characters, male and female. The male character, within a dream or some kind of astral projection, tries to attenuate the loneliness of his soul. While the female character appears to fulfill or satisfy the wishes of the other one. Finally, both characters merge into a kind of astral travel to another dimension, or it could even be some kind of abduction, whose outcome becomes the departure of both characters to another reality out of this world we know.”

Chaska is a Peruvian band tha fuses the intensity of worldwide metal with the beauty of Latin American folklore elements, and has become one of the most interesting bands in their country and in Latin America. The band was formed in Arequipa, Perú, in 2002.

December 2002, Chaska won a local band contest obtaining, as prize, the recording of two unpublished songs.

February 2003, the band released their self titled EP, “Chaska”. This EP allowed the band to play in different cities of Perú.

In 2005, Chaska performed for the first time outside of Perú, in Chile. Then, the band was invited to be the opening act for the Brazilian band, Sepultura, in Bolivia.

June 2007, Chaska released an EP titled “Bicolour Cannibalism / Tuta Chaska”, as a preview of its debut album, “Pururauca”.

March 2009, the band released their first full-length album, “Pururauca”, through the Peruvian label, Mythic Metal Productions.

In 2012, Chaska and the producers of the Peruvian film, La Luz en el Cerro (The Light on the Hill), reach an agreement so Chaska’s music is part of the soundtrack of this movie.

September 2015, the band released the song, “Winter Night Heights”, composed exclusively for the film, La Luz en el Cerro (The Light on the Hill).

September 2016, Chaska reissued its album, “Pururauca”, through the Peruvian label, Xaria Music.

July 2017, the band released the compilation, “Everlasting Night”, through the Peruvian label, Inti Records.

October 2017, Chaska released a video clip for the song, “Winter Night Heights”. This video was a shared work with Caudal Films, and includes images of the film, La Luz en el Cerro (The Light on the Hill).

February 2019, the band was part of the compilation album, Songs of Injustice, released by the European magazine, Metal Hammer.

March 2019, Chaska was part of the 1st World Metal Congress held in London, England.

In 2020, the band released two live session videos for the songs, “Nymph of the Lake” and “Bicolour Cannibalism”.

August 2020, Chaska reissued its album, Pururauca, in cassette format, through the Peruvian label, Disturbio Producciones.

Through the years, Chaska has shared the stage with important bands like Primal Fear, Death Angel, Moonspell, Annihilator, Rhapsody, Arkona, Saratoga, and more.

In 2023 Chaska made a deal with Finnish label Inverse Records to release the new 6-track EP Rites of June which will be out later in 2024.

Band photography by Alexei López

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