Monday, June 24, 2024
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Israeli gothic doom metal band Tomorrow’s Rain returns today with the release of their 3rd single, “Muaka,” which features a guest vocal performance from Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar. The song is found on the band’s highly anticipated sophomore album, “Ovdan”, that’s out April 19th from AOP Records.

Commenting on the song, vocalist Yishai Sweartz says:

“Muaka means Distress, i think it’s one of our darkest songs ever, almost black metal in some parts, being a part of the underground scene in the early 90’s i was in touch with Mayhem (Oystein) via letters i kept all these years and fell in love with the sound of early Darkthrone/Mayhem and the Tormentor album “Anno Domini”, i think some parts in Muaka are inspired by them, i knew Attila pretty well from the time we spent in Tel Aviv so i asked him to do vocals with me, hear his voice in this songs sends a shiver down my spine, it’s exactly the vibe i was looking for.”

The band’s sophomore album “Ovdan”, which is Hebrew for “Loss,” marks the return of vocalist Yishai Sweartz who suffered a near fatal heart attack and open heart surgery in early 2023. After nearly losing everything, Swartz and crew have emerged with resilient spirit and creative force on their most dynamic and ambitious record yet.

The eagerly awaited record, “Ovdan”, features guest collaborators from Mayhem, Sol Invictus, Dark Funeral, Mercyful Fate and Sisters of Mercy to name a few.

Sweartz recently said of the record:

“The album was written and recorded during a dark period in our lives and the creative process was in fact our cure to get back to life after several traumatic events we faced, musically we pushed the boundaries and yet kept the vision started in our debut album Hollow (2020). We hope that Ovdan will light a candle at the edge of the tunnel for you as it did to us.”

Photo credit: Anne C. Swallow

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