Monday, June 24, 2024
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After three successful singles, the Swiss-Serbian symphonic metal band Evolucija are releasing their long-awaited second album: “The World is full of Wrath”, produced by metal master Marko “Wolfy” Vuckovic, is certainly one of the most extraordinary masterpieces of female-fronted rock. Linus Corneliusson and Jens Bogren were responsible for mixing and mastering at the renowned Swedish Fascination Street Studios. The expressive work of sound will be released on CD and vinyl in keeping with its value – both in the most elaborate packaging.

“We have given everything we have for this album – passion and creativity, power and emotion,” says frontwoman Ilana, “we hope that this comes across to the fans.”

The album promises a symphonic heavy metal experience with ten tracks that offer a cornucopia of strong riffs, sweeping melodies embedded in powerful symphonic backing tracks. Evolucija create a sound that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary modernity. It’s no wonder that the European metal press is already buzzing, as evidenced by features and placements in Musix, Rock it, Break Out, Slam (A) Metalized (DK) and Spark (CZ).

Their previous album “Hunt” was already awarded “Best Album of the Year” in 2018, and the band itself received the “Royal Oscar” in 2023 for Best Metal Band in Serbia.

In Eastern Europe, the five-piece are among the biggest bands and have shared stages with the biggest names in the metal scene such as Paradise Lost, Doro Pesch, Children Of Bodom, Tyr and Pestilence. With their new album, Evolucija are now ready to make the leap to the top!

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