Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Bloodorn, the new power metal band led by Sirenia’s lead guitarist Nils Courbaron, are going to release their debut album via Reaper Entertainment. “Let The Fury Rise” will be released on May 24th, 2024.

The band unleashed the second single of that upcoming album.

The official music video was filmed in Paris, Athens and Florence in December 2023 by Cécile Delpoïo, George Mylonas and Andrea Falaschi and includes some special guests from well-known bands.

Nils states:

“We’re very happy to present our new single and video for the song “Bloodorn.”
This song was specifically written as a song to be performed live. Because of this, we asked some of our friends from the metal scene to chant the chorus with us. Now you’ll know what to do when Bloodorn will hit the stage!”

The video of the first single “Under The Secret Sign” can be seen here: 

You also can check out the Q&A videos of the band:


Tracklist of “Let The Fury Rise”:
1. Overture χιϛ
2. Fear The Coming Wave
3. Under The Secret Sign
4. Rise Up Again
5. Tonight We Fight !
6. God Won’t Come
7. Forging The Future (With Our Blades)
8. Let The Fury Rise
9. Six Wounded Wolves
10. Bloodorn
11. Square Hammer (Ghost Cover)

The stunning cover artwork was created by the well-known French artist “Rusalkadsegin”.

Influenced by bands such as Gamma Ray, Angra and Beast In Black, the band also draws on some elements from the extreme metal scene. Bloodorn’s music is very fast and technical, sometimes even brutal, but also very melodic and catchy: extreme power metal!

The name Bloodorn is a play on words from the Viking torture method “Blôdörn” (better known as “Blood Eagle”) and “Blood”. In the band’s universe, the Bloodorn is like a Reaper – a monster ready to kill and destroy everything in its path.

Bloodorn are:
Nils Courbaron – guitar
Mike Livas – vocals
Francesco Saverio Ferraro – bass
Michael Brush – drums

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