Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Wildstreet release their new single “Heroes” (feat. Guernica Mancini), out now, new EP “Wildstreet IV” out on 26th April on Golden Robot Records. EU “Heroes” tour starts 18th April.

Wildstreet’s latest single “Heroes” emerges as a vibrant anthem of empowerment and audacity. Out now via Golden Robot Records, this electrifying track marks the third single of 2024 for the band. With the captivating vocals of guest artist Guernica Mancini (ex-Thundermother), “Heroes” ignites a frenzy of energy, characterized by metal drums and electrifying guitar riffs that echo with a call for vengeance.

Following a relentless 2 ½-year touring spree in support of their acclaimed full-length album “III”, Wildstreet is poised to unveil a dynamic EP of fresh tracks in the late-spring of 2024. Their journey has taken them across the United States, Mexico, and Europe, with three triumphant tours since the pandemic. As they gear up for another exhilarating year, the band has already locked in their 2024 festival appearances and tour dates, promising fans an unforgettable musical experience

Releasing 6 singles since their 2021 album “III”, Wildstreet has made waves, amassing an impressive 6 million Spotify streams and 4 million views on YouTube. Their relentless intercontinental touring since February 2021 has cultivated a devoted fan base in 15 countries, spanning the United States, Mexico, and across Europe.

The band will release their new EP “Wildstreet IV” on April 26th, out on Golden Robot Records.

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