Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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In an electrifying homage to the golden era of hard rock and 80s metal, All For Metal alongside Reigning Phoenix Music are thrilled to present the premiere of their new music video, “Rock You Like A Hurricane”. All For Metal deliver much more than just a nod to a classic, they reinterpret this iconic anthem with a blend of reverence and a vibrant celebration of the unbreakable spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal, reimagined with a fresh, modern twist to captivate fans across generations.

Tetzel, the charismatic force behind the band, guarantees:

“This song and video will leave you grinning, bobbing your head, and craving for more. Prepare to be rocked like never before!”

Jassy, the virtuoso guitarist, adds about the making of the video:

“We’ve crafted a video that not only pays tribute to the 80s but also reinterprets it with our unique style. It’s all about attitude, energy, and a relentless drive that defines rock music. With minimal cuts and a focus on immersive storytelling, every scene is a testament to our passion and dedication. This is an invitation to join the party, to feel every riff, and to be part of something truly special!”

The video for “Rock You Like A Hurricane” is a seamless long shot that places viewers at the heart of an unstoppable rock party. Fans and newcomers alike answered the band’s call to participate, contributing to an unforgettable experience that epitomizes the power of the metal music community. 

As All For Metal continue to ascend in the metal world, they invite everyone to join them on this journey of heavy metal music and unity. “2024 is the year we embark on new adventures, and with RPM by our side, the sky’s the limit. It’s All For Metal…and metal for all!” echoes the band’s sentiment and vision that fuels their path forward.

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