Monday, July 22, 2024
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German heavy metal band Voodoo Kiss will release their second studio album “Feel The Curse” on August 16th, 2024 via Reaper Entertainment. Today, the band presents the first single from the new record.

“Angel Demon” is available on all common streaming platforms.

The band comments:

“We are very pleased that we can now present the first single from the second album. “Angel Demon” has become a genuine heavy metal anthem that is immediately catchy and shows where the journey with our second album is heading. We are very much looking forward to presenting the song live soon. Have fun with Angel Demon!”

More info:
Did you know that legendary German summer festival juggernaut Summer Breeze would not exist without Voodoo Kiss? Sure thing: In 1997, Achim Ostertag was forced to start his own festival to give his heavy metal band a worthy stage. But while Summer Breeze Open Air quickly became one of the biggest and most cherished metal festivals in the world, Voodoo Kiss disappeared into oblivion soon after the festival was founded.

Not forever, mind you: In 2022, Achim reunited with founding members Martin Beuther and Klaus Wieland – after more than 20 years in hibernation! The old friends bring in Steffi Stuber (Mission In Back and contestant on “Voice Of Germany”) and Sacred Steel’s vocal powerhouse Gerrit Mutz as new members, release a stunning debut album and stage a furious comeback at Summer Breeze. At the time, it was all intended to be a one-off, a nostalgia trip down memory lane. But not for long: Voodoo Kiss lick blood, have a devilish amount of fun with the music and don’t even think about putting the band back in the ground. The debut even hits the charts, followed by gigs at the Brazilian offshoot of Summer Breeze and renowned Rock Harz. Yep, it’s official, folks: Voodoo Kiss are here to stay.

With verve, vigour, punky grit and their typical sense of melodic heaviness, Voodoo Kiss blast, fabulate and groove their way through eight powerful examples of how this glorious music of the eighties can still sound exciting, original and rousing in the 21st century. Of course, the list of ingredients on “Feel the Curse” also reads like something straight out of the textbook of electric guitar music: The opening title track is a galloping banger with razor-sharp riffs and Pretty Maids flair, “Spellbound By Her Eyes” offers black romanticism and early Maiden vibes, “Angel Demon” inspires with crisp heaviness and dark drama, “On Wings Of Serpent Dreams” comes with proto Manowar gusto and the closing “Dead Without A Grave” fires from all guns blazing like Motörhead in their prime. All amps on eleven.

The album was recorded in spring 2024 at jaM’in Studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd and produced by the band themselves. The iconic cover artwork was penned again by Sebastian Jerke.

1.Feel The Curse
2.Angel Demon
3.Spellbound By Her Eyes
4.Dr. Evil
5.Lords Of Darkness
6.Kiss Or Kill
7.On Wings Of Serpent Dreams
8.Dead Without A Grave

Voodoo Kiss are:
Gerrit Mutz – vocals
Steffi Stuber – vocals
Martin Beuther – guitar
Klaus Wieland – bass
Achim Ostertag – drums

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