Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Kirkebrann has ventured from the early days of 2004 to 2024 with increasingly more aggressive, epic themes of real-world tragedy as they unfold before our very eyes. The second full length has been in the making for almost a decade with some of those songs performed live for the same amount of time through blasphemy, blood and existential dread; featuring multiple guests on vocals of madness and triumph.

This release marks the beginning of a new era in Kirkebrann’s 20 years of existence with its unrestrained force in conveying dreadful harmonies and sound of inspiration from the dark forces that are enclosing upon humanity’s imminent downfall.

“Mot Trellenes Forfall…” was recorded leisurely by Kirkebrann between 2015-2016 in SBC Studio, with Draug on vocals, Hrafn on lead guitar, jK on guitar, Januz Skroemt Kvirinus Bifronsson on bass and Nødset on drums. The album also features guest vocals by Dødsherre (Djevelkult), Nasreten (Carpathian Forrest), Cornu (Svikt), Lianne Krossburner (ex-Edenkaiser), Skrotmunn Blåskrott (Likfunn) and intro on “Nattevred” by Blodkreft. Whole was mastered by Colin E. Davis at Imperial Mastering Studio (Aborted, Mors Principium Est, Thy Catafalque). Band live photo by Krister Dreyer.

Hellstain Productions will release June 28th, 2024 album titled “Mot Trellenes Forfall…” digitally, as digipak CD and limited vinyl!

“It’s time to release this curse upon humanity and release us from its limbo!
Keep the underground alive!”

1. Offer
2. En Slaves Frihet
3. Englemaker*
4. Manifest By Murder
5. Tårer Av Sand, Et Liv I Grus
6. Malstrøm
7. Nattevred
8. Den Som Hater (CD version bonus track)
9. Parasittenes Planet
10. Vandringa
11. Narkose Psykose
12. Jakten På Visdom
13. Vi Går Med Stormskritt…
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