Monday, July 22, 2024
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Australian metal outfit Ammify is thrilled to unleash the powerful music video for their soul-stirring track “Favourite”, featured on their acclaimed album “Lost, Not Hiding”, released via Wormholedeath Records.

“Favourite” is a heartfelt reflection on love and loss. Through intense lyrics and emotive melodies, this song delves into the depths of heartbreak and longing. Join us on a journey of raw emotion as we explore the complexities of moving on after a relationship ends. From the relief of finally being able to breathe freely to the lingering memories of a past love’s smile, “Favourite” encapsulates the bittersweet reality of saying goodbye.

Experience the power of music to capture the essence of human emotion in its purest form.

Ammify’s debut album, “Lost, Not Hiding”, crafted by the dynamic duo of Ammy Phoenix and Pete Renzullo, delves deep into the realms of CineMetal, intertwining cinematic lyrics with crushing soundscapes. Despite its darkness, the album resonates with a resilient spirit, reflecting themes of anguish, anger, and hope. The collaboration between Ammy and Pete began serendipitously in 2018 and blossomed into a full album project in 2022, despite the physical distance between them. The remote collaboration allowed for a seamless creative process, resulting in 13 tracks that challenge traditional genre boundaries. Each song is a jewel in its own right, from the raw emotion of “Evaporate” to the operatic wonder of “Grief”. With plans for accompanying videos, live presentations, and acoustic renditions, the journey of Ammify is just beginning, promising a spirited and meaningful collaboration for years to come.

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