Sunday, July 14, 2024
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The dominion of death metal is about to tremble once again as Severe Torture, the Dutch masters of the genre, make a colossal return with their latest single, “The Death of Everything”. A track that encapsulates the unyielding force and darkness that Severe Torture has been synonymous with since their inception.

Echoing from the hellish depths of Torture Compound Studios and refined into an onslaught of precision by Mendel bij de Leij of MbdL Productions, “The Death of Everything” stands not only as an insignia of Severe Torture’s relentless aggression and darkness, but also as a foretelling of the dread-laden masterpiece their new album – “Torn From The Jaws of Death” promises to be.

Ethereally transcribed on Pär Olofsson’s macabre cover artwork and narrated through grinding riffs, gargantuan roars, and thunderous percussion, “The Death of Everything” emerges and crafts a story of death metal’s everlasting resonance and Severe Torture’s innovative command of the genre. The track’s lyrical crusade plumbs into the profound depths of murder, depravity, and the stark critique of organized religions, rendering it an experience equally jolting to the senses and the psyche.

Here’s what Severe Torture have to say about their astounding new single:

“We are very proud to share the first single of our upcoming 6th album ‘Torn from the Jaws of Death’. The Death of Everything’ was the last song we wrote for the album and turned out to be the opening track of the album. It’s an aggressive whirlwind of riffs that’ll take you on a brutal journey and leave you gasping for air after 4 minutes.”

1. The Death Of Everything 
2. Marked By Blood And Darkness 
3. Hogtied In Rope 
4. Torn From The Jaws Of Death 
5. Christ Immersion
6. Putrid Remains
7. The Pinnacle Of Suffering 
8. Through Pain And Emptiness 
9. Those Who Wished Me Dead 
10. Tear All The Flesh Off The Earth

Photo by © Thijs van Laarhoven

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