Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Polish pagan black death metal veterans North have unleashed their brand new EP, “We Are, We Remain…”, today via Pagan Records.

This highly anticipated release marks North’s triumphant return after a recording break, and the beginning of a prolific new chapter for the band.

“We Are, We Remain…” serves as a potent reintroduction for North. This 32 minutes long EP, featuring a mix of brand new tracks, a re-recorded classic “Hymn to Winter” (from the debut ‘92 demo) and a Bathory cover, showcases the band’s signature sound – a blend of pagan black metal and death metal fury, delivered with powerful Polish lyrics. Thematically, the EP delves into pagan lore and history, drawing inspiration from the works of 19th-century Polish poet Roman Zmorski, a figurehead of the “black romanticism” movement.

Established in 1992, North are veterans of the Polish black and extreme metal scene known to be one of the co-creators of the Polish Black Metal wave of the early 1990s.

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