Friday, April 12, 2024
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The metal world is going wild: Orden Ogan, one of the leading acts of the scene, have made a groundbreaking pact with Reigning Phoenix Music. This historic union doesn’t only promise an exciting future for the band but also a highlight for their loyal fans.

Internationally recognized outfit Orden Ogan paved their way to the top of the metal scene, kick-started by their well received debut album “Vale” (20089. The group’s impressive career was built on their mix of steady dedication and unparalleled quality over all these years, which culminated in hitting no. 3 of the official German album chart with latest offering “Final Days” in 2021. Even in the digital world Orden Ogan belong to the spearhead: Peaking at more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, these numbers impressively underline the attraction of the band within the scene. And now it’s time to continue this success story with Reigning Phoenix Music!

Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann, Orden Ogan’s visionary vocalist, states:

“Orden Ogan are thrilled to announce that we have signed with the upcoming giant in the heavy metal scene: RPM! We will be working with old and new friends and we’re extremely excited for the things to come. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our former label AFM Records for all the great times and all the things we have achieved together.”

RPM label strategist Nils Wasko says on the (re-)union:

“Orden Ogan are one of the hottest current power metal acts out there. Their energy and drive fits perfectly to the quintessence of Reigning Phoenix Music. The band and I have a long and faithful history together which started back in 2010 and with the new setup and options we will manage to take them to the next level with full force!”

Jochen Richert, managing director of RPM, adds:

“I’m also very happy that I can further support Orden Ogan on their way to worldwide success. Besides being a great human being, Seeb’s art speaks for itself.”

The band’s upcoming masterpiece “The Order Of Fear” will be nothing but a sheer triumph and a vivid proof to their enormous creative work. Orden Ogan mastermind Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann describes it as “clearly downscaled, more metal and to the point,” standing for the beginning of a new dark power metal era. The record is a brilliant addition to their strong catalogue and continues the epic saga of Alister Vale, a cursed character, in a mesmerizing and intense way.

Collaborating with Reigning Phoenix Music, Orden Ogan’s future holds many great possibilities and successes to come, while fans can look forward to their upcoming tour alongside Feuerschwanz in April/May as well as new music. “The Order Of Fear” is set for release this summer and marks the first milestone. There’s no other way: The future belongs to Orden Ogan!

“My Worst Enemy” is a special pick as first single from “The Order Of Fear” since ballads aren’t the usual way to evoke excitement for a new record. But there’s always two layers when it cames to Orden Ogan lyrics: On one hand, they tell the story of Alister Vale, an undying character spreading death and sorrow; on the other hand, they appeal to humans who fight anxiety and depression and tell them that they’re not alone. Simply put: “My Worst Enemy” deals with being one own’s worst enemy most of the time by being trapped in negative thoughts and making the same mistakes over and over again.

“Seeb” concludes:

“I’ve been thinking of this track for years, and I always wanted to record it. Now I’m glad that it finally found its way out of my head.”

Orden Ogan and Reigning Phoenix Music – an alliance forged to shake the metal world. The future is ready to be re-written!

Photo Credit: Nat Enemede

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