Friday, April 12, 2024
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Fans of Finnish melodic metal icons Sonata Arctica finally get the chance to experience the group’s previously announced return to their power metal roots as “Clear Cold Beyond” is available worldwide through Atomic Fire. Critically lauded by press, the band’s new offering will of course be presented live during an extensive world tour which kicks off in their home country next (more details can be found below; more dates are in the works…). Sonata Arctica also surprise the metal community with another music video besides releasing their new hit album: “California”, which was produced by Jarkko Piipari, gives intimate insights into the group’s daily life on the road and takes viewers to venues and cities around the globe but also to busses, airports and much more. The included footage was collected during recent show activities, and raises the bar of excitement about Sonata Arctica’s upcoming gigs while highlighting one of the most power metal-ish tracks from “Clear Cold Beyond”.

Front-man Tony Kakko adds:

“This is a song about persons who think that it’s possible and okay to charm and have any and all people for themselves – use and lose – and who don’t care about the amount of pain and broken hearts left behind. And now you’re the target, but you know better and make sure that this will not happen until ‘California falls into the sea,’ what I’ve come to understand is impossible and will never happen, at least in the sense of science fiction. Simply put: The track deals with self-protection. If you’re strong enough, you can of course give such persons a serving of their own poison what can be satisfying.”

Photo Credit: Jaakko Manninen

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