Monday, July 22, 2024
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Black Absinthe teams with their long time live photographer Dylan Weller to bring you “Call of the Void”. The single location shoot converts the band’s rehearsal space into a blood-tinted abyss. Quick shots and twitching effects reflect the erratic and destructive thoughts of the songs lyrics. Over three thrashing minutes, the video concludes with the band’s fractured off-shoot of their home base, corrupted by “l’appel du vide”, known as the call of the void.

This is the second single off their upcoming album On Earth Or In Hell, out March 27th.

The band comments:

“A thought, urging us to swerve into oncoming traffic or jump from the balcony ledge are contemplations of the mind found in reality. The French have a phrase for it, ‘L’appel du vide’. But where are these intrusive thoughts coming from? Is this instinct misread as temptation on our journey to survive? Or a defensive mechanism towards danger.

This song has been crafted from the insanity of our live sets and now, ‘Call Of The Void’ can be heard with immense power and production that brings the listener towards, and back down a razor’s edge. We channeled Slayer, Testament, and the swirling descent of Antrax’s ‘Madhouse’ when diving into the musical bridge of demonic harmonies, thick lead solo, and chest pounding stops that are carried throughout the song. The lyrics decipher the mystery of a severed instinct, no logic can explain. This track is meant to be explored at a high volume.”

Formed in the underground dungeons and dives of Toronto’s metal scene, Black Absinthe is a Canadian contemporary heavy metal band. Since 2011, Black Absinthe has performed, recorded, and reached new fans all over Canada. Presenting a mix of thrashing mosh pits and riff heavy anthems, their growing presence in the diverse heavy music scene, unifies classic metal grandeur, speed-demon rhythm sections, soaring solos, with modern technicality. Over the course of three EP’s and one LP, Early Signs of Denial (2016), Black Absinthe has continued to grow and experiment on its NWOBHM influences while maintaining the intensity of the contemporary heavy metal genre. The band draw influences from the likes of Gojira, Mastodon, Slayer, and Motorhead, to name a few.

In 2019, founders Jack Cerre and Kyle Scarlett proudly welcomed Fernando Villalobos (Ex-Sludgehammer) into the fold. Black Absinthe continues to carve their own path with performances across Canada and have brought new material to fans in Montreal, Newfoundland, and Toronto. Most recently opening for Tower, Firebreather, and Witchrot.

In 2020, the band began laying the groundwork for their latest album On Earth or In Hell. In 2021 the band began pre-production demos with JC Sandoval (The Crooked, We the Crooked). As producer, he oversaw the entire project, also engineering vocals and bass. In February 2022, the band engaged Juno-nominated producer Tyler Williams of Monolithic Productions (Lindsay Schoolcraft, Lutharo, Sludgehammer) to co-produce, engineer drums and guitar, and mix the album. The album is slated for release on March 27th, 2024.

Watch the video for the first single “On Earth or In Hell” here:

Black Absinthe is:
Jack Cerre (vocals/guitar)
Kyle Scarlett (bass)
Fernando Villalobos (drums)

Single Credits:
Performed/Written by: Black Absinthe
Lyrics by: Austin Henderson
Produced by: J.C. Sandoval
Co-Produced by: Tyler Williams
Mixed by: Tyler Williams (Monolithic Productions)
Mastered by: Lasse Lammert (LSD Studios)
Photography: Michael Jari Davidson
Album Art by: Darrin Crosgrove

1. Dead Queen 
2. Nobody Knows
3. Jean Lanfray 
4. Call of the Void
5. On Earth or In Hell
6. The Hard Way
7. Essentially Fucked
8. Twisted Past
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