Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Vanguard, with origins in 2015 in Brno, Czech Republic, playing modern melodic/tecnical death metal with many genre overlaps and influences. The band has a three releases to their credit, namely the debut EP “I” from 2015, the full-length “II” from 2019 and their latest release “III: Pyrrhic Sequence” released in the end of 2023.

Along with the albums, the band has released a total of 5 music videos including the latest video for the song “Exomorphic Cascade” from the latest album.

The band has dozens of club and festival performances in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including concerts in Poland and Germany. In 2022, the band appeared at the biggest metal festival in the Czech Republic, Masters of Rock, and in 2023 at the popular Czech death metal festival gathering Czech Death Fest. During their career, the band has had the opportunity to support names like Vader, Catalepsy and Czech legend Root in their home town of Brno.

Vanguard’s music will be appreciated by fans of traditional death metal such as Death, fans of more modern styles such as The Black Dahlia Murder, fans of the fusion of black and death metal, and fans of a more technical take on the whole thing.

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