Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Denver’s technical death metal band Vale of Pnath returns to showcase their biting sound and precise execution with “Soul Offering,” the newest single from their forthcoming album, “Between the Worlds of Life and Death”.

Scheduled for release five years following their 2019 EP, “Accursed”, and eight years after their second album “II”, this latest offering is viewed as a natural progression of the band’s recent experimental efforts. With this new album, they aim to advance their musical style even more.

The band released the following statement concerning the new album:

“It’s been 5 years since our last release, “Accursed”. The EP really was a new avenue for the band as we leaned further toward a more blackened approach stylistically. Having more of a tech death background, this EP was a way to lead our fans into the next era. “Between The Worlds of Life and Death” is an album that really is just a continuation of what we started with “Accursed”. It captures the band’s core sound, but also brings a newer and bold take on this brand of metal. We want this to be the most approachable album we have made for metal fans. We want people to put this on and be sucked in immediately, yet keep coming back for more.”

“Soul Offering” will be available April 19 on the usual digital platforms!


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