Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Portland, Oregon executioners Ascended Dead will embark on a widespread North American tour this week.

Beginning this Friday, May 3rd in Vancouver – the only Canadian show of the routing – the month-long American Apocalypse 2024 Tour sees the band trekking across the West Coast before heading east, through the Midwest into the Northeast, down the East Coast into the Southern states, ending the tour June 1st in Los Angeles. Along the way, Ascended Dead will share the stage with the likes of Oxygen Destroyer, Undergang, Incantation, Ringworm, 1349, Spectral Wound, Antichrist Siege Machine, Bloodbath, Primordial, Grave, Archgoat, and many others.

Ascended Dead released their unrestrained second album, “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse”, through 20 Buck Spin one year ago. Uniting guitarist/vocalist Jon Reider, guitarist Ian Lawrence, bassist Kevin Schreutelkamp, and drummer Charlie Koryn, the band creates death metal the ancient way, with an intrinsically malign pedigree and methodical cruelty scarcely heard nowadays. Flesh-peeling intensity at warp-speed, technically frenzied leads that cut straight through bone and a relentless annihilating force that rarely ceases long enough to take a breath. Yet amidst this fiery conflagration a wholly deliberate and fanatical attention to detail and craft remain undeniable, allowing the pandemonium a distinct structure and memorability.

Ascended Dead returns like abyss winds surging skyward from the ninth circle of Hell. “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse”, heralds the dawn of the final march to extermination via barely controlled death metal chaos and form-destroying necromancy. While the band has more than enough skill and ability to perform a darkly acoustic piece, repeated spins through “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse” only serve to perpetuate Ascended Dead’s inexorable place at the vanguard of violent real death metal, carrying the banner into the future.

“Evenfall Of The Apocalypse” was largely recorded by Charlie Koryn at Toadhouse Studios with the vocals tracked by Jason Gluck at Halsey Studios, with additional noise by Brian Rush, Charlie Koryn, and Jon Reider. The album was mixed and mastered by Stephen DeAcutis (Worm, Evoken) and completed with artwork by Kyle Bowen, photography by Aaron Pepelis and Scott Kinkade, and layout by Dan Fried.

photo by Scott Kinkade

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