Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Active since 1999, Sargeist is a solo project of Horna’s elusive frontman, Shatraug – a prolific pioneer of Finnish black metal in the nineties who is behind more than a dozen different projects. Quickly filling their ranks, Sargeist found their dark calling as a full-blooded band, standing proudly today as one of the mainstays of the deep metal underground.

During all 25 years of its existence, the creation of Sargeist is permeated by a unique constant – a truly black sound in honor of the unholy. In fact, the way in which the icy, distinctly melodic Finnish black metal separated itself sonically from similar bands, born in Norway and Sweden, owes a lot to their pioneering approach – in a burst of blind malice, Sargeist’s serpentine, penetrating guitars tear apart everything before them, leaving only bitter the residue of winter melancholy. Just as they took the classic, afterlife appearance of black metal to the furthest extreme with their eye-catching corpsepaint, they also infected the sound of the old school with their poisonous melodic sensibility.

The turning point for the band came at the beginning of the last decade with the album “Let the Devil In”, which is considered as one of the strongest achievements in the genre. This time, the impenetrable blizzard of riffs, along with furious vocals, turns into a rush of metal-blackness that quickly attracts a much wider audience, while staying true to the old roots – a timeless manifesto, which forever cemented the band’s impeccable reputation.

Actively operating from the shadows to this day, Sargeist remains shrouded in a thick veil of mystery. However, one thing is certain – only the most important actors of the contemporary underground managed to become part of the band’s thunderous history. So, aided by a new anonymous line-up, Shatraug and faithful guitarist VJS return for the first time since 2013, ready to reopen the gates to a place of eternal darkness and despair.

The concert will be supported by the band Svartgren – a black metal group known for their intense, atmospheric sound. Founded in 2005 in Belgrade, they create a dark and creepy atmosphere with their music. Through aggressive riffs and raw vocals, they create a soundscape that delves into themes of death and the occult.

When? May 13th, 2024 at 19:30
Where? Zappa Baza, Belgrade

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