Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Madrid-based crust punk/black metal unit Svdestada have completed work on their third album, “Candela”, now confirmed for January release.

With this mix of ideas and sounds, Svdestada prove themselves to be well beyond the stale revivalist trends that often plagues the modern underground. Channeling eclectic influences to create an exciting blend of crust punk and black metal, the band explore new musical ideas while never abandoning the genres’ signature speed and rawness in the process. A constant ebb and flow of blackened and emotional crust punk, with terrifying roars tearing through frenzied and impactful guitar-work.

Born from bitter winters, Svdestada siphons aggression and internal growth through searing and metallic, sometimes melodic, unapologetic auditory chaos, and pinpointed lyrical constructs that reflect on abandonment, nostalgia and solitude. The group maintains a bludgeoning heaviness with a poetic weaponry of ferocity and internal strife.

“Candela” will be released on January 5th 2024. CD and LP editions will be available from February 5th, via Long Legs Long Arms Records and Shove Records respectively.

For fans of: Converge, Ictvs, Ekkaia, Buried Inside, Svalbard, Morrow

1. Nudo
2. Cierzo
3. Amargor
4. Efímero
5. Hilonegro
6. Sinvivir
7. Candela

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