Monday, June 24, 2024
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Born from the desire to continue the musical legacy of projects like Ravenword and Choir Of Veritas, Lay Of The Autumn promises to make its mark in the symphonic metal scene.

Spearheaded by Davide Scuteri and joined by Cesare Ferrari (Bass), Davide Lovecchio (Guitars), and Michele Olmi (Drums), Lay Of The Autumn embodies the essence of classic symphonic metal with a female vocalist, continuing the rich tradition established by Ravenword, following the release of their album ‘Transcendence’.

Just as a continuation of the Ravenword project, Lay Of The Autumn is a band born from the synergy between Davide Scuteri and Rockshots Records, who continue their collaboration together for an album set to see the light at the end of 2024.

The band’s first single “Si Sta Come D’Autunno Sugli Alberi Le Foglie” underscores the full power of Lay Of The Autumn.

As described by mastermind Davide Scuteri

“this is a hermetic title. During the First World War there was a poet into the battlefield, his name was Giuseppe Ungaretti and he wrote these lines in his poetry “Soldati (Soldiers)”, as perpetual symbol of the life in the trenches.
It’s an instrumental powerful and virtusistic song, in the style of the Stratovarius, which talks about the conflicting emotions which can live inside us, and the precarious condition of the life when the Lay of the Autumn comes”.

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