Monday, July 22, 2024
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In April 2007, the German pagan metal band Wolfchant released “A Pagan Storm”, not only a classic in their own band history, but also a genre-defining cult album known far beyond the borders of Germany. With this second studio album, the still young band quickly became one of the spearheads of the scene and played shows all over the world.

As this milestone in the band’s history is more than 15 years old and has been sold out for years, the idea of reissuing the album together with the new label was an obvious one. But that’s not all: to bring the album into the present day, Wolfchant have taken it upon themselves to re-record the entire classic using today’s standards.

The band comments:

“For the 15th anniversary of A PAGAN STORM in 2022, we thought we’d offer our fans something special. Since the album hasn’t been officially available for a while, and we didn’t just want to re-release it, we decided together with REAPER ENTERTAINMENT to completely re-record A PAGAN STORM. New and more powerful sound, new choirs and minor changes that do not affect the old “spirit” of the record. The whole thing will be released together with the 2007 version in a great double-digi and everyone can decide for themselves what they prefer to hear. So we have not only fulfilled a wish for ourselves, but also for all those who could not get one of our most important records in the original.”

“A Pagan Storm” will be released on August 16th as a 2CD version (with the original as a bonus CD) and digitally. The Pre-Order will start soon.

1. Growing Storms
2. A Pagan Storm
3. The Path
4. Midnight Gathering
5. A Wolfchant from the Mountain Side
6. Guardians of the Forest
7. Stärkend Trunk aus Feindes Schädel
8. Winterhymn
9. Voran
10. Feuerbringer
11. The Axe, the Sword, the Wind and a Wolf
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