Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Velvetcut, the Finnish band that had its reach of influence over music lovers through their nostalgic ‘90s grunge, and alternative rock are finally back with the new single “Perfect American”. Velvetcut which has been dormant for twelve years is back with a bang that has a touch of Nirvana, elements of punky Bad Religion and even Stone Temple Pilots to it.

The track “Perfect American” is a new track of Velvetcut and it is part of the continuation of the grunge aesthetics from the ‘90s which was also evident in their previous released single “Eating Machine” released on April 5th which was 30 years since the death of Kurt Cobain and 22 years since the death of Layne Staley.

Considering Velvetcut was formed during the beginning of the millennium their success has been moderate with one EP and three full length albums which can be described as a transformation from gothic rock to a more energized rock and roll. This time the band is trying to be as close as possible to the new Seattle, incorporating its non-plus alike spirit into their music and album graphics.

Velvetcut has had a diverse live profile, highlighting some gigs at Provinssirock that is one of the major festivals in Finland; other minor festivals. The up and coming record that is set to be released through Rockhopper Music, a distinguished company in Finland, is an album that shall entice all the original followers and different others by paying tribute to grunge music.

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