Thursday, May 30, 2024
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­LA-based rock singer-songwriter John Demena has released a live video for “I the People”, the opening track from his 2023 album “Dreams and Lies”. The footage for the clip was filmed during the band’s 2023 performance at the iconic Viper Room in West Hollywood (California).

“Dreams and Lies” was released in the Spring of 2023 featuring the singles “Eternal Eyes” and “Dreams and Lies”, which combined, earned the Los Angeles rocker 8 international film awards and over a dozen nominations at film festivals such as the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, the Girona Film Festival, and the Santiago Horror Film Festival. “I the People”, the song that opens the album, was also included in Loudwire’s Weekly Wire playlist as one of the Best 50 Rock & Metal Songs of the week it was released.

Commenting on this track, DeMena says:

“I wanted this song and album to start with this epic and hypnotic sonic universe, where the intensity and tension would build until exploding into a visceral, energetic riff. It’s how I wanted to present myself and my music to the world as the opening track of my debut album. It is also the song I open concerts with and my favorite to play live because the riff and the solo are pure dynamite.”

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