Monday, July 22, 2024
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Mr Doom is now premiering “I Am Your Consequence”, the first on-label release by South African piano doom / experimental artist and singer-songwriter Charles East. 

The EP will be officially released on March 28th, 2024 on digital, and will precede the release of a full length album in physical format scheduled for Autumn 2024.

“I Am Your Consequence” sees Charles East delivering a phenomenally powerful performance, creating a musical amalgam that is both visceral and funereal, and elegantly combining his fantastically nuanced piano music with a mix of post-punk, goth rock and doom metal.

The EP is a fantastic showcase of talent and personality – simultaneously gloomy and assaulting, spasmodically shifting from tender to desperate to furious, evoking all sorts of shadows to rise between the sparse and desperate chords of a lamenting piano, to then explode in fits of rage and anger.

Thematically, East’s music addresses darker themes ranging from intolerance, isolation, and obsession to self-loathing and the agony of life.

Profoundly meditative and introspective piano / doom music for fans of Chelsea Wolfe, Diamanda Galas, Eva O


1. I Am Your Consequence 
2. Drain 


Music and lyrics by Charles East
Guitars: Jo Ellis
Drums: Christian Burgess
Piano and vocals: Charles East
Produced, mixed and mastered by Jo Ellis at Blue Room Studios
Artistic direction: Evokaos (Brucia Records)

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