Monday, July 22, 2024
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Myrmann, the enigmatic Icelandic artist known for his boundary-pushing music and captivating storytelling, unveils his latest solo album titled “Seven Forbidden Books of Spells”. Inspired by the esoteric realms of summoning demons, witchcraft, dark alchemy, spirits, ceremonial magic, purity, and spells, this album ventures into the depths of the unknown with a fusion of narrative-heavy music and occult themes. “Seven Dark Books of Spells”:

With “Seven Forbidden Books of Spells” Myrmann embarks on a conceptual journey akin to a literary odyssey, structured like a book with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Each track serves as a chapter in a tale of ancient secrets and forbidden knowledge, drawing listeners into a world shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

“My goal is always to make something real, something that comes from my feelings and vision,” Myrmann explains. “To me, it’s just narrative-heavy music, drawing from my background in blues, hard rock, Heavy metal, and metal. For this project, I’ve chosen to imbue the vocals with an evil quality, sometimes burying them in the mix to create an echo from the past.”

Delving deeper into his artistic ethos, Myrmann reveals:

“I would not call myself an atheist really, I consider myself more of a pagan. I believe in the spirit world, perhaps on my own terms. Hiding behind religion and using symbolism as a tool for human ego rather than seeking greater understanding is just wrong to me. I am a storyteller, and I truly enjoyed bringing this album to life, even knowing that some may not appreciate my controversial or spiritual alchemy thinking.”

As a one-man act, Myrmann demonstrates his musical prowess by playing all instruments and providing all vocals on the album, with sampled drums completing the sonic landscape. Additionally, “Seven Forbidden Books of Spells” is meticulously mixed and mastered by Myrmann himself, ensuring every aspect of the album reflects his singular vision and artistic integrity. The album promises to be a journey into the shadows, inviting listeners to embrace the darkness and discover the hidden truths that lie within.

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