Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Time To Kill Records is proud to present Brainsore’s debut album, “The Grip of the Naked Mind”, on CD and digital formats. The album will be released on August 2nd 2024.

“Here the lyrical concept is the volcanic and somehow deranged depiction of life as an hardship itself, a pinnacle of traumas. Like most of my lyrics it’s visionary, abstract, misty and unclear. The lyric title says it all: in life is coils”.

When merited veterans of the Italian death metal and grindcore scenes conspire to breathe life into a new entity, you know you are in for a real treat.

Founded in Modena by drummer Don Gulag and guitarist Holy Father in spring 2022, the duo eventually recruited vocalist Horcrux Urethra (ex-Jesus Ain’t In Poland) and started focusing on songwriting and live activity, storming the stages all over northern Italy.

Brainsore find themselves on the crossroad between grind, death metal, hardcore and general hysteria. With no compromises or no rules, the band push the boundaries for an intense and chaotic soundscape without losing their love for groove and subtle melodies.

Expertly wielding the fierce brutality and massive aggression of their genre, the Italians add intelligent songwriting, effective arrangements, and musical proficiency as well as unexpected elements to their sound.

1. The Stinking Sinister
2. Sons Of Seznec
3. Harvest Red
4. In Life Is Coils
5. The Mangrove Diaries
6. The Amen Corner
7. When Hunger Saves
8. Mount Ashes
9. The Harder We Fall
10. Shrieks From Above
11. Adult Male
12. Beyond Recognition


Don Gulag – drums
Holy Father – guitar
Horcrux Urethra – throat

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